The metaverse.

Composable virtual worlds.

A computer generated universe.

Where people gather to socialize, play & work.

Users retain digital ownership over their 3D assets.

3D assets such as avatars & vehicles used in gameplay.

Cha Cha Vans are the premier 3D vehicles of the metaverse.

Web3 has transformed our concept of digital ownership. In the future, we believe composable virtual environments will exist (the metaverse) where users retain digital ownership over 3D assets such as avatars & vehicles used in gameplay. One of our primary goals is to be at the forefront of this growing industry.

There are (3) talented artists on the Team with a plethora of design experience. Taking inspiration from the timeless aesthetic of the VW Transporter Bus, we’ve curated a diverse fleet of 3D vehicles spanning:

  • (100) Amigo Vans

  • (100) Wanderlust Vans

  • (300) Hitchhiker Vans

  • Vagabonds (coming soon!)

Cha Cha Vans are the premier 3D vehicles of the metaverse. The vans are compatible with game engines, allowing seamless integration into most virtual environments. Ultimately, our goal is to integrate Cha Cha Vans into every major metaverse project in the space.

We’ve partnered with a project called Yaku as their first IncubateX Partner. Yaku is building an open-world cyberpunk metaverse in Unreal Engine called the Yakuverse. Cha Cha Vans holders will be able to drive their vans in the Yakuverse shortly after mint.

The blueprint to scale our product involves plans to build The Cha Cha Shop & an exclusive racing game in Unreal Engine. The Cha Cha Shop is a design studio offering goods & services to Cha Cha Vans holders. Holders can park (stake) their van at the shop & earn $CHA, a utility token providing access to features at the shop including:

  • Raffle House

  • Boutique

  • DMV

  • The Body Shop

  • Auction Room

At The Cha Cha Shop, we believe the exploration of new frontiers is the road to self-sovereignty. In the physical world, many choose ‘vanlife’ to escape the structured habits of modern society. We’re connecting the digital nomads of Web3 & bringing ‘vanlife’ to the metaverse.

Cha Cha Real Smooth.

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