The roadmap is a fluid document that lays out strategic direction. We intend to work closely with our community after Mint to ensure we’re shipping products & services holders want. We aim to build a sustainable business with multiple streams of income. Our revenue model includes:

  • Selling 3D assets as NFTs.

  • Royalties from secondary NFT sales.

  • Selling goods & services at The Cha Cha Shop.

  • Service fees at our custom racetrack built in Unreal Engine 5.

The Cha Cha Shop is a design studio offering goods & services to Cha Cha Vans holders. Holders can access features at the shop by spending $CHA earned from parking (staking) their NFTs. The $CHA token powers the shop by rewarding loyal customers & aligning incentives between the community & our Team.

Initially, features at The Cha Cha Shop will be hosted on our website. We have plans to model the shop in 3D & integrate its features with metaverse projects for an enhanced virtual experience. Blueprints to The Cha Cha Shop describe the following features:

Parking Garage

Park to Earn. Park (stake) your Cha Cha Van & earn $CHA.

Raffle House

Purchase raffle tickets with $CHA. Prizes are focused on 1/1 art such as original work from our artists or 1/1 pieces we purchase on secondary.


Purchase IRL designer goods with $CHA. We have plans to deliver a limited series of apparel, posters & 3D-printed toy-sized vans.


Purchase a license to drive in the Yakuverse with $CHA. A license to drive consists of metaverse (UE5) assets that allow holders to drive their vans. Ultimately, our goal is to issue licenses to drive in all major metaverse projects.

The Body Shop

Perhaps the feature we’re most excited to build. Limited supply drops of fresh van traits. Holders can upgrade their Cha Cha Vans by purchasing new traits with $CHA. Think ‘Los Santos Customs’ from GTA.

Auction Room

A studio where holders can purchase & bid on special edition Cha Cha Vans with $CHA. Explore new vans in a virtual 3D studio before buying.

In addition to the shop, holders can experience their vans through an exclusive racing game built in Unreal Engine 5. Development of this feature is led by Manchez — our Designer & Metaverse Lead. Eventually, holders may import their 3D Cha Cha Vans, place their bets & compete PvE or PvP on a custom-built racetrack. Expanding utility for $CHA, holders can head to The Body Shop to upgrade their van’s racing specs such as speed & acceleration.

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