Our Core Team has (5) members. Advisors, contractors & partnerships round out the needs of the project.

Danny // CTO

Danny is an Engineer & Entrepreneur with experience across several industries. He began working as a CAD Designer for an automotive test lab before spending time in the electric power industry. He later took to Energy Consulting for large commercial buildings in Chicago before diving full-time into Web3. In his free time he plays football (soccer) in semi-pro leagues around the city & enjoys live music with his friends.

Young Jotaro // Creative Director

Jotaro is an Multidisciplinary Artist & Designer. His skill set ranges from detailed illustrations to product, graphic & interior design. He’s traveled around the world studying & working on a wide range of projects in the creative fields. He was early to the 1/1 artist scene on Solana & helped co-found a celebrated art collective called ‘7 Swords.’

Manchez // Metaverse Lead

Manchez is a 3D Artist & Designer. He began his Web3 journey as a freelance artist in the 1/1 space, collaborating with FTX to design NFTs for big names like Shaq & Steph Curry. He’s adept at 3D modeling in VR with a design software called Gravity Sketch. His dynamic skill set extends to Unreal Engine 5 where he’s able to rig 3D models for metaverse integration.

Hot Fud // Principal Designer

Hot Fud is an Illustrator & Designer who works as a technical outerwear designer for a motor sports company. He’s traveled across the U.S. & Europe designing footwear & apparel for the likes of Aether, Skechers, Under Armour & Helly Hansen. As a previous employee of Gravity Sketch, he likes to use their VR design software for 3D modeling. In his free time he enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding & playing the guitar.

Carlitos // Community Manager

Carlitos is an Entrepreneur with a background in finance & physics. He’s an avid traveler with family all over the world — Spain, Mexico, Jerusalem, Colombia & the United States. He is determined to live life as a digital nomad and is steadfast on building a community of like-minded people through his videography & storytelling skills.

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