Partners & Collabs

Independent Artists

We’re collaborating with prominent 1/1 artists & designers in the space. Providing a template, we asked independent artists to create their rendition of a Cha Cha Van in banner format. The final pieces are tradable on secondary as an exclusive collection called “Artist Vans.”


We’ve partnered with a metaverse project called Yaku as their 1st IncubateX Partner. IncubateX is an incubator program from Yaku that provides projects with:

  • Marketing Support

  • Metaverse Integration

  • Roadmap Consultation

  • HubX Tooling (staking, raffles & more)

Yaku is building an open-world cyberpunk metaverse called the “Yakuverse” using Unreal Engine. Cha Cha Vans holders can drive their van in the Yakuverse shortly after mint.

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