Purpose of $CHA

  • Power The Cha Cha Shop

  • Reward early supporters & loyal customers

  • Align incentives between community & Team

Token Mechanics

  • Max Supply: 50,000,000 $CHA

  • $CHA can only enter circulation via the Staking Program

Token Release Schedule

  • Minimum Funding Period: 4 years

  • Max Emission Rate: 25,400 $CHA / day

  • Actual token release schedule depends on staking activity of holders

Staking Program

  • Reward tiers with different reward rates based on van type

  • Complete set = 1 van from each reward tier

  • 2x reward multiplier for each complete set staked

  • Van upgrades = potential reward multiplier in the future

The Cha Cha Shop

$CHA powers The Cha Cha Shop — a design studio offering goods & services to Cha Cha Van holders. Holders can access features at the shop by spending $CHA:

  • Parking Garage: Park (stake) & earn $CHA

  • Raffle House: Buy raffle tickets & win 1/1 art

  • Boutique: Designer apparel, posters & 3D-printed vans.

  • DMV: Purchase UE5 assets for metaverse integration.

  • The Body Shop: Upgrade van traits & racing specs.

  • Auction Room: Bid on special edition Cha Cha Vans.

Funding Rates

Income in $SOL or $USDC at the shop & racetrack will directly fund the Core Team. Income in $CHA from goods & services sold at the shop & racetrack fund the following incentives (subject to change):

Team Rate — 10%

Funds the Core Team, who reserve the right to sell $CHA for profit.

DAO Rate — 20%

Funds the DAO Treasury for community-led initiatives.

Burn Rate — 30%

Tokens burned to assure continued deflationary action of $CHA.

Recycle Rate — 40%

Funds the Staking Platform for a sustainable reward structure.

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