Cha Cha Vans are intentionally designed, curated & refined by our artists — Young Jotaro, Hot Fud & Manchez. From an artistic perspective, we believe these vans will stand the test of time.

Design Process

The ‘base’ 3D van model was created in Fusion360. Unique 3D van traits were designed in Gravity Sketch, a design software with a virtual reality (VR) workspace. Assigning materials, assembling the vans & rendering the assets took place in a software called Blender. A Blender plug-in allowed us to scale the assembly & rendering process for our larger, generative collection.

The Collection

Artist Vans (50+)

Exclusive renditions of a Cha Cha Van in banner format. Produced in collaboration with prominent 1/1 artists in the space.

Amigo Vans (100)

Honoraries designed for Team members, collaborators & partner DAOs. Tailored to the style & preference of the receiving Amigo.

Wanderlust Vans (100)

A highly curated set of special edition vans.

Hitchhiker Vans (300)

Futuristic hover vans airdropped to early supporters (for free).

Vagabonds (coming soon)

The People’s Van. Encompassing (110) unique traits, (9) different body styles & (12) exclusive DAO accessories.


Each Cha Cha Van in the collection has a complete set of 2D, 3D, & animation files associated with it. Holders may download their assets on our website shortly after mint.

  • PNG // Profile Picture

  • PNG // Twitter Banner

  • GLB & FBX // 3D Models

  • MP4 & GIF // Turntable Animations

Metaverse Integration

Rigged 3D assets for Unreal Engine 5 allows holders to drive their vans in compatible environments. These ‘metaverse assets’ define vehicle boundaries, tire friction scales, wheel parameters and animation parameters such as suspension & steering.

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